Refurb Benefits

1. It's more cost-effective

All of us want to save money when there's an opportunity! Therefore, when looking into upgrading your IT, it's worth do do your research. It can be tempting to start by looking at the offers from well-known High-street brands, but also including stores like ours that sell refurbished equipment will save you a pretty penny.

You can get a refurbished machine from us from up to 80% cheaper than a brand new!

This can be very important to many businesses with tight budgets but also to private customers as it's easier to justify a spend of few hundred pounds against the cost of a thousand pound machine from your monthly budget!

2. It's better for the environment

When businesses are looking to reduce their usage of nonrenewable resources, carbon footprint is coming to our minds too, and rightly so. Recycling and up-cycling is a part of our everyday lives and increasing amounts of household items are offered not only in traditional second hand stores but also increasingly online and social media channels.

Old electrics don't necessarily belong to the bin anymore and can be refurbished!

Refurbished computers reduce the demand for new parts and more raw materials. This means no mining or destroying habitats while searching for rare raw materials. Additionally, it reduces the negative effects of recycling!

3. It can be customized to meet your needs

When you buy a store-bought PC, They often come with a warranty that will be void after you alter the machine. Buying one of our refurbished PC's or laptops allows you to ask us to customize your product without voiding your warranty.You can ask us to upgrade your equipment to suit what you want to use it for

  • Gamers, CAD engineers, video editors and streamers will often need an improved graphics card, increase the hard drive and RAM size.
  • Home users might need their HDD replaced with an SSD for better performance with increased RAM.

4. It's the same robustness, it has just been used before!

Just because you are buying something refurbished, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be good quality. All our products come with a minimum 1-year limited warranty that is even more than new machines come with! Rest assured, they work just as they’re supposed to. We've got you covered.

Now get back to our products and take a look at our selection!